Who We Are

We are massage therapists, spa owners, and school owners, all passionate about massage therapy and the health & wellness industry.  We believe that by lowering costs for students, therapists, spas, and schools through innovative technology, products and services, we can help grow the industry and provide more happiness, health & wellness to more people around the world.


We use technology and interactive elearning to lower costs for students looking to get into the business and therapists needing continuing education.

Forward Thinking

How will we as an industry continue to bring more qualified therapists into the profession to service the demand of the public and help our schools and spas grow?


We believe deeply in the transformative powers of massage therapy and want to help more people across the world have access to the healing benefits of touch therapies.

Student FAQ’s

How can I learn massage therapy online??
This is the question we get the most. You will always have to go to a ground campus to learn the proper technique and to practice on a live person to become a massage therapist! We provide the science, theory and business classes that you need as a base for your education online, saving students thousands of dollars and making it more convenient to take.
Are you a school?
No, we partner with state approved massage schools and colleges to offer our program. Students enroll directly with the approved massage school or college. Our Student Advisors help with that process as well as any transfer to a local massage school for hands-on training.
How much does it cost?
It varies slightly by school but by starting online, students typically save 33% – 50%.
How long do I have to take the courses?
Each course is available for one year after purchase but if you need more time, just let us know and we can extend the time for you. On average, it will take you between 2 -4 months to complete if you are putting approximately 15 hours a week to the course. Once you complete the online promotion, you will finish your education at one of our partner local massage schools and your time there will be based on their enrollment dates and program lengths etc.
Can you help me find a ground school to transfer to?
Yes! In addition to placing you with one of our partner massage schools to take the online portion, our Student Advisors will work with you to find the perfect place for you to take your hands-on portion. We guarantee that you will be able to transfer the hours you take online to the ground campus.
Will I have access to the Instructor of the course?
Yes! All of our courses are Instructor led by credentialed, licensed massage therapists. They are a great resource for you not only for the courses but for career related questions as well. They are always an email away and also have office hours where they are available by phone.
Are there books, apps, or other resources provided with the course?
Yes!  Every course has at least 1 integrated ebook and most have several ebooks that are embedded right into the course.  We also provide interactive, 3-D apps for Anatomy, Physiology, and Kinesiology to help you learn and prepare for the MBLEx national exam.

School FAQ’s

What do you provide schools?
Online courses (white-labeled to your school), discounted school liability and malpractice insurance, MBLEx Test Prep course, marketing and enrollment services. We also have creative solutions that create passive income streams for schools.
Do you compete with us for students?
No! We are not a school — rather we partner with schools to help them grow — not compete with them.
What do you charge for school liability & student liability insurance?
$595 for schools and $25 for students.
What are the benefits of providing online courses?
Costing less than paying an instructor, you can market outside your geographical area, accept rolling enrollments, exponentially increasing your pool of potential students.
We are accredited. Can we use online courses?
It varies by accrediting agency but we have found that as long as we format your courses to be synchronous – every student doing the same things at the same time so we can track “time on task”, and instructor led, you can use online deployment. We have the experience and expertise to walk you through that process.
Who built your courses?
Through a partnership with Pearson Publishing, experienced, credentialed instructional designers, aided by our expert massage therapy instructors and school owners. Our programs are hosted in the cloud with 99.999% guaranteed uptime and industry leading security features.
Is it possible to use our own material for online courses?
Yes! Our program is 100% customizable. We can use images, text, assignments, videos, tests and quizzes that you have rather than ours. We have the ability to customize a program to exactly your specifications to ensure a unique product for your potential students.

Therapist FAQ’s

How much is your membership?
$169 — this includes online Continuing education classes, free access to SpaHire.me, a large job board specifically for massage therapist and spa professionals, a website, directory listing, monthly industry newsletter, and a subscription to Massage Today magazine.  It is the most affordable Membership in the industry — everything you need, nothing you don’t.
How do you compare to other CE & insurance providers?
We are the most affordable in the market.  AMTA is $235, ABMP is $199 and we are $169.  The programs that are less – don’t offer FREE Continuing Education so in the long run you end up spending more to get the same benefits as our Members.
How are you able to offer insurance and CE's cheaper than anyone else?
We were born online.  That means less cost for big offices, we don’t put on big expensive trade shows, and we don’t pay for expensive lobbyists in Washington DC.  We have everything you need, nothing you don’t. Our mission is to provide more value to therapists so they can focus on treating more people and having successful careers.
Do you help CE providers put their courses online?
Yes! This is one thing that makes us different, we work with our Members to put their existing CE courses online so they can get more enrollees.  Then they are free to share with the world.
Is access to the job board - SpaHire.me included?
Yes.  It is 100% free for our Members.  You can browse jobs in your local area and put your resume and profile on there so spa owners can find you when they are looking for therapists.

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