April 23, 2019


You have decided to change your life by pursuing your career as a massage therapist. And, you might have started thinking of becoming a compassionate, professional therapist to help people feel better. But, before that happens, you have to make another big decision—choosing the school to get massage therapy education from.

In this blog post, we are going to discuss about the key factors to consider when finding massage therapy schools.


Things to Consider When Finding Massage Therapy Schools


Does your school specialize in massage therapy education?


First, you need to check if the teachers and staff are professional and educated in the massage therapy area. It’s necessary to find a school with a reputation for providing massage therapy programs.Additionally, campus environment, quality of the training delivered, educational mission, etc. are the factors you can’t ignore. You can collect all these details online or meeting the students who’re already studying there.

Is the School Accredited?

This’s an important factor to consider. Being accredited tells that the school meets the high education standards set by the United States Department of Education. During the onsite visit, the accrediting agency carefully checks all the financial records, facilities available, etc.This comprehensive evaluation shows that there’s no harm for students to enroll in the massage therapy programs, and receive high-quality education for a better future. Additionally, accredited institutions may offer financial aid.


What’s the Schedule?

Different students have different preferences for massage therapy education. Some dedicate the complete time for education while others are committed to some other things such as hobbies, family, work, etc. For the students belong to the latter category, they’re required to find a schedule of classes that fit their needs.


Fortunately, there’s a wide range of schools that provide students with various scheduling options—weekend classes, morning, evenings, etc. Also, many schools provide massage therapy courses online, allowing students to attend classes from their digital devices.


What’s the Admission Process?

Different institutions have different admission processes. Seeing by their point of view, not everyone is well-suited for massage therapy education, and screening helps in choosing the right students for it.

Some institutions admit only those students who enroll in their graduate programs. While others take emotional, physical, mental tests, personal motivation, etc. Still, others don’t have any screening process for admission—anyone can take admission or apply for a student loan.

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What’s the Student-Teacher Ratio at the School?

Usually, the minimum student-teacher ratio is 16:1 or 20:1, set by most state standards. It ensures that the students get proper attention and supervision for education by your teacher.

Thus, it’s an important factor to consider when finding a massage therapy institution.


How Can Students Pay for the Training Programs?

Knowing payment options is important. Many institutions offer loan-free plans for students to pay for their education.

Also, you should ask the school officials if they provide any financial assistance or rebate in tuition fee for meticulous students.

Have an open discussion on this topic so that you don’t have any problem later.


What’s the Job Placement Rate?

Like every student, you also want to start working as possible after completing your graduation. Enrolling in a massage therapy program at the school with a high job placement rate can be helpful.While job placement rate is an important thing to consider, but it doesn’t tell anything about the school itself. It’s a kind of service that attracts students.


What’re the Facilities Available at the Campus?

These’re more than just classrooms, desks, pick-up and drop, etc. For example, in case your school ask you to wear a uniform during school hours, is there any changing room? Is there any library or study areas for students.

Remember, you’re going to spend a great amount of time of a year in the campus environment, thus it’s necessary to check if it has all the facilities for your needs.

What’s the Schools Approach to Massage Therapy?

There’s a wide range of approaches taught in the massage therapy area. Some of these are—performance optimization, wellness/relaxation/stress relief, corrective and rehabilitative treatment, and energy balancing.

Don’t forget to check these details so that you get the right education to become the type of massage therapist you want to.



A Google search can provide you with a wide range of results for the best massage therapy schools online in your region. Not all schools provide what they promise, thus it’s necessary for your to spend extra time to collect details such as fee structure, training programs available, schedule options, accreditation, facilities, admission process, etc. This will help you in making the right platform to give wings to your dreams of becoming a professional massage therapist.

Look for a school that has a great sense of community and professional teachers. If you find such a place, you will never go wrong and enjoy your journey of massage therapy education.

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