April 29, 2019

School is the first step in building a career as a massage therapist. Most states have educational requirements that are part of the licensing procedure. Therefore, you won’t be able to start your career in massage therapy without going to school. Fortunately, massage therapy school is now easier than ever with a hybrid program that includes both online and offline components. A hybrid program allows you to do the textbook-based components of the school program online, followed by hands-on training at a licensed massage therapy school near you. So, is massage therapy school the right fit for your long-term career goals? Here are some of the signs that massage therapy school is the right choice for you.

You want to help people find relief from pain.

Many people who seek the help of a massage therapist do so because they are dealing with pain. They may have pain from an injury, or they may be dealing with chronic pain. They frequently seek massage therapy in hopes of easing their symptoms and controlling their discomfort without medications. Pain medications can have serious consequences and may even lead to addiction. However, massage provides a natural alternative often with more successful results in managing pain. Many massage therapists are motivated to provide pain relief to their patients that isn’t centered on medications. Subsequently, patients can enjoy living a pain-free life without the risks associated with taking pain medications.

You’re ready to commit to the full school program.

Some people approach massage therapy school without an understanding of exactly how demanding the program can be. In school, you have to study everything from anatomy and physiology to business management and ethics. You have to also to perform hands-on training under the guidance of licensed massage therapists. It’s a serious program that requires time and commitment. Make sure you’ve explored what the program demands and that now is the right time for you to commit. One benefit of going massage school online with a hybrid program is that you can self-pace the online portion, so that you can do the classes in a way that works for your schedule.

You’re comfortable dealing with the public.

Most people want to be quiet during a massage. However, being a massage therapist is very much a public-facing job. You will need to discuss your clients’ symptoms and concerns, communicate with them about what is working and what isn’t during the massage itself, and offer advice for self-care between appointments. You also have to be comfortable during the massage process, in which it is common for clients to partially disrobe and during which you will need to have close, physical contact with your clients. Massage therapy school may not be a fit for you if you don’t like interacting with people and don’t feel comfortable with the kind of close contact that is necessary to perform a massage.

You have the physical stamina to perform a full day of massage therapy.

Massage therapists spend long days on their feet, which is physically demanding. Massage itself also requires a considerable amount of strength, as you use your hands and muscles to apply differing levels of pressure to your clients’ tissue and muscles. You may be surprised at just how much physical stamina is required when you start your hands-on training. If you are concerned about your physical ability to perform a full day of massages, you may wish to spend your time doing the online portion of massage therapy school also working on boosting your stamina.


Massage Therapy Online makes it easy and convenient to attend massage therapy school on your schedule, so you work towards the career you want without giving up your current job and responsibilities. We have online massage therapy school programs nationwide, so call (888) 966-0858 to learn more.

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