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Myofascial Massage - 3 hours $30

lesson 5 - topic 1

You will learn:

  • The three contemporary massage and bodywork systems that are popular within the industry
  • The basic history and physiological basis of myofascial massage
  • The primary guidelines, contraindications, and basic myofascial techniques used

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Trigger Point Therapy - 4.5 hours $45

Trigger Point Therapy

You will learn:

  • The basic history and physiological basis of trigger point therapy
  • How to locate trigger points, and how they can radiate pain in predictable patterns
  • The primary deactivation techniques used to treat trigger points

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Ethics and Professionalism - COMING SOON

You will learn:

  • To define ethics and professionalism within the context of the bodywork and massage therapy professions
  • To identify some things that are often misconstrued to be the same as professional ethics
  • To explain the relationship between ethics and professionalism

Ethics and Professionalism w/ Your Colleagues - COMING SOON

You will learn:

  • To identify common things that present challenges to ethical behavior
  • The types of justifications and rationalizations people use to defend unethical behavior
  • The components of the ethical problem solving model and the importance of using a standard approach

Marketing for Massage Professionals - COMING SOON

You will learn:

  • To define marketing
  • The target marketing mix and define the “four Ps” of marketing
  • Product and placement, and explain how to structure price
  • The various components of promotion, and learn how to leverage customer service as a marketing strategy
  • The purpose and makeup of a marketing plan
  • How to write a mission statement
  • Trends in the massage industry
  • How to identify a target market
  • How to conduct a company analysis and identify and assess competition

Reflexology - 4.5 hours $45

You will learn:

  • The basic history and energetic basis of reflexology
  • Zone therapy and the guidelines in giving reflexology sessions, including positioning the receiver and body mechanic considerations for the therapist
  • The primary foot reflexology techniques

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Gait Assessment - 4.5 hours $45

kines 1 lesson 4 topic 3

You will learn:

  • The definition of gait and the sequences of the full gait cycle.
  • The basic gait assessment methods.


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You will learn:

  • The importance of taking care of the caretaker
  • The concept of “healthy selfish”
  • To identify foreseeable stressors for massage therapists
  • To examine techniques to manage stress
  • To define and create a self-care mission statement
  • How to create a self-care plan
  • To develop a good support system
  • How to examine internal versus external nurturing
  • The importance of boundaries

Advanced Marketing for Massage Professionals - COMING SOON

You will learn:

  • To define and explore a SWOT analysis
  • Implementation tactics to help achieve marketing goals
  • To evaluate marketing considerations and challenges unique to the massage industry
  • Essential marketing materials for massage therapists
  • The anatomy of a business card
  • Cooperative marketing, low-cost and no-cost marketing techniques and tools
  • How to craft and deliver an elevator pitch for the massage therapist
  • Niche marketing for different massage modalities and different target markets
  • The role of communications in marketing massage
  • Ways to “recession-proof” your practice through marketing
  • Ways to manage marketing information overload and exhaustion

Ethics and Professionalism w/ Your Clients - COMING SOON

You will learn:

  • The purpose of codes of ethics and standards of practice
  • To define and understand the principles underlying the code of ethics for massage therapy and bodywork professions
  • To identify the character traits that provide a solid foundation for ethical behavior

Professional Issues - COMING SOON

In this course you will:

  • Define and explore ethics and professionalism for the massage therapist
  • Distinguish important documentation and the importance of keeping records
  • Explore the complexity of relationships between massage therapist and client
  • Define different boundaries for the massage therapist
  • Characterize sexual misconduct and identify preventative courses of action
  • Analyze gender and the massage therapist
  • Evaluate opportunities for the male therapist
  • Identify requirements for licensing, certifications, and national exams
  • Explore relevant professional associations and trade publications


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