Massage schools in Florida

Massage school in Florida

Become a Message Therapist in Florida in Six Months with massage Therapy School Online. 

Massage therapists are more in demand than ever in Florida. Across the state, spas and massage therapy clinics are desperate to hire licensed therapists, but there aren’t enough qualified people available to fill all of the positions. Now is the time to enter this exciting, in-demand field and enjoy the advantages of competitive compensation in a job that gives you the satisfaction of knowing that you’re helping people every day. With massage therapy school online, you could be just six months away from starting your new career.

Yes, you can learn to become a message therapist online. 

Most people aren’t aware that you can attend massage therapy school online and get the education you need to become a licensed therapist, but you can. Our program combines online courses with in-person practical training in a spa or clinic near you. This hybrid approach is designed for everyone from young people looking to start their first careers to busy, working adults who want to change fields. All of the coursework is self-paced and available on multiple mobile devices, so you can learn wherever and whenever works for you.

There are massage schools in Florida offering online courses as an affordable and convenient way to begin your course of study and achieve your massage therapy certification. 

Education Requirements

  1. Has completed a minimum 500 clock hour course of study at a board-approved massage school or has completed a board-approved apprenticeship program.
  2. Non-Florida Education: If the school you attended is located outside of Florida, the school must be approved by the equivalent licensing agency or Department of Education by the state in which it is located. Clock hours may be indicated on the transcript or on supplemental documentation.
  3. Foreign Education: If the school you attended is located outside of the United States, the school must be approved by the equivalent licensing authority in the country in which it is located. Your transcript and supplemental education documents should be translated into English. You may need your education documentation evaluated by a credentialing company. Foreign education documents will be evaluated by the board at one of its regularly scheduled meetings.

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Florida spas and massage therapy clinics are hiring now.

We have partnered with spas and clinics across the state that are looking for new massage therapists to join their teams. Our carefully vetted partners will provide a structured, hands-on learning experience to help you develop the skills you need to succeed, and when you’ve finished massage therapy school online and have your license, they may invite you back as a paid employee in the same clinic in which you did your training.

Scholarship Details:

In fact, these spas and clinics are so eager to hire new massage therapists that they offer scholarship programs. If you complete your education, obtain a license, and work for at least 20 hours per week, they will reimburse 50% of your tuition or take over your tuition payment plan.

Spa/Clinic will make up to your tuition payments if you are on the payment plan OR reimburse you 50% of your tuition

Spa/Clinic will make those payments once you are licensed and as long as you are working there 20 hours a week

You can take the first step towards your new career today.

To become a licensed massage therapist in Florida, you need 500 hours of education and hands-on learning. Take the first step today by signing up for massage therapy school online. We don’t work on a semester system, so you can start classes at any time and work at your own pace. You’ll complete theory, science, and business classes fully online before working in a partner spa or clinic near your home. Flexibility, affordable tuition, and job placement assistance means you could be six months away from getting your first paycheck as a massage therapist in Florida.