Massage schools in Minnesota

Massage school in Minnesota

Become a Massage Therapist in Minnesota with Massage Classes Online

Across Minnesota, massage therapists are in huge demand. Now, you can take advantage of this job market and launch a new career in as little as six months with massage classes online. With online learning, building the knowledge and skills required to become a licensed massage therapist can happen on your own in schedule, so you don’t have to change your life to change your career.

In Minnesota, there are no statewide licensing requirements for massage therapists. However, most cities do have licensing requirements, so it’s important to verify the process for the city in which you hope to work. The good news is that online massage classes will prepare you to meet those requirements, whatever they may be in your area.

There is currently no legislation that regulates the professional practice of massage therapy in the state. It is important to check with your local municipalities to determine if there are any local regulations or restrictions to practice massage therapy in your area.

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How can you attend massage classes online?

Massage therapy might not sound like something you can learn online, but in reality, there are lots of skills you can build outside of the classroom. Our program is a hybrid one, in which you do all of the coursework that would traditionally be done in the classroom online, and then, you go to a partner spa or massage clinic to do the hands-on part of your learning experience.

Scholarship Details:

Spa/Clinic will make up to your tuition payments if you are on the payment plan OR reimburse you 50% of your tuition

Spa/Clinic will make those payments once you are licensed and as long as you are working there 20 hours a week

How do I get started?

All you have to do is fill out our contact form, and we’ll get back to you to help you get started. We will align you with a licensed school, community college or university in Minnesota with a hybrid program.