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The demand for licensed, skilled massage therapists in Washington, D.C. has never been higher. Therefore, anyone who obtains a massage therapy license should have a clear path to getting a job. The problem most people face is making the transition to earning that license. They assume that massage therapy schools in Washington DC are expensive and time consuming, and that it won’t fit into their already-busy lifestyles. After all, becoming a massage therapist in D.C. requires 500 hours of learning, including courses in kinesiology, anatomy, and physiology. An exam is also required, you will need to take and pass the Massage and Bodywork Licensing Examination (MBLEX).

Fortunately, there is an option designed just for these kinds of learners. With hybrid massage therapy education in Washington DC, you can take a portion of your classes online, at your own pace. Then, you finish up your program with hands-on learning at a local classroom, spa or clinic near you, working two to three days per week in the mornings or evenings. This flexible, accommodating schedule allows you to become a licensed massage therapist without having to ignore any of your responsibilities.

Could this be the right program for you? Here is how it works.

Online Classes

Some select schools offer online classes in Washington DC, in topics such as business, science, and theory, are conducted on a rolling basis, allowing you to jump into the program whenever you are ready and work your way through the coursework on your own time. The instructors who will lead your learning experience are licensed massage therapists. So, they know what you need to know to succeed in the field and can help you get there. Complete the massage therapy school requirements in Washington DC at your own pace, without any concerns about final dates or semesters openings. This program adapts to your needs.

The online classes are available on mobile and desktop devices. This allows you to start working on massage therapy education in Washington DC from anywhere, whenever you have a chance.

Hands-On Classes

The hands-on portion of your training is critical to your success and thus required for your licensure. You will complete this at a classroom or participating spa or clinic within 30 minutes of your home. The sessions you work can be chosen around your schedule. You’ll work alongside licensed massage therapists in D.C. either alone or with a small cohort of other students. One of the biggest benefits of this massage therapy education in Washington DC is that our partner spas and clinics are actively looking for newly graduated massage therapists to hire. Therefore, after training, you could have employment waiting for you!

For more information about hybrid massage therapy school online, contact Massage Therapy Online.

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To receive initial licensure, an applicant must graduate from an approved school with at least 500 hours. If the school is not accredited, the applicant must also pass a test given by the Federation Board (MBLEX) or an exam given by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork.

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  • Ask us about the $999 discount for paying for your program in full.   We also have a monthly payment plan starting under $400 per month.
  • You could be earning income as a massage therapist in as little as six months.
  • Online classes are open to start whenever you are ready. Hands-on classes starting on June 1.
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